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Welcome to the 'letting off steam' section. Here I'll express my unpopular views on gaming and anything else that happens to be annoying in general. Plus I would like all of your input on the topics. More rant's coming soon... their brewing!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Online Gamers - F**k You in the Eye!

There was a time when online gaming was but a dream for the little pimply, hairy handed gamers but in the last decade it has taken off like a hedgehog on fire and became a huge multimillion dollar business that appeals to a mass audience, from teens to the golden oldies, everybody knows about online gaming. It has influenced mobile media, IT industries and social networking in general, even to the point that you could debatably blame the likes of ‘face book’ and ‘twitter’ on growing from its success. And yet, it is a relatively new and evolving concept. Like many new territories that mankind has stuck his big fat toe into, it can be a hostile environment and involve allot of conflict between its inhabitants. But why? Can’t we all just get along? – Nope!

As soon as you log on, be it Xbox, PC or PS3 you have just brought you psyche into a new and unforgiving world. Rolling hills of fun where you could meet either saint or sinner on your journey. If you hook up with friends and travel in a gang, then you have a good chance of dodging danger from the wondering douche bags. Alternately you could end up in a gang fight of abuse involving lots of ‘Your Mamma’ terminology, which can actually be good fun under the right circumstances. Go it alone and you could be verbally lynched by such a gang or end up having a mouthy shoot up with fellow players that can leave you felling anxious and annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, we all know it’s really only a place to play games at the end of the day and if things are going badly you can ultimately just turn it off or quit out, no harm no foul… right?

Now, I’ve played allot of online games since my first taste of ‘Doom’ many, many years ago. Diablo, Starcraft, Soldier of Fortune, Counter Strike all great games in the heyday of the PC, right up to the modern console’s games of Halo Reach and Black Ops - so like a cock in a henhouse, I’ve done em all! But it’s only in the last three or so years that I have begun to dislike online gamers with a passion. Here’s why… I consider myself a fairy polite kind of chap, I’m big and well equipped to pick up smaller humans and crack them open like an egg easily enough - but I don’t! This is due to my own upbringing and my empathy for other people, at least till I get angry, turn Green and burst out of my clothes, even then I must admit that I feel a sense of guilt as I hammer away at someone face… I’m the same online, I’m polite, a team player and I try my best to do well in a game by helping other team mates regardless of if I know them or not. Am I odd? From all the team killing, verbal diarrhoea and general unpleasantness online, I feel that I just might be.

For the purpose of this piece let’s just discount all those fifteen and under aged little shits that insist on acting like a bee in summer trying to land on your jammy bread as you put it in your mouth. These little feckers are simply immature youngsters getting their kicks and are easily swatted away. It could be argued that they are learning how to be greater fools for the future, but right now we will stuff them into the kiddie box, and leave them there… to suffocate. It’s the older wasps that were really interested in here and I’ve encounter quite a few over the years but lately I've just become jaded with online gaming as a result.

A light-hearted example is when recently one of the RG Crew and myself were on Xbox wandering around the public planes of Red Dead Redemption chatting away in a private chat channel and trying to rack up some achivments for doing all the 'hideouts', when we saw a couple of players ganging up on some poor sap… After checking out this 'walking bullseye’s' profile we saw he was a fellow Irishman and decided to help him out, so we kicked his attacker’s butts till they had enough. We then invite this lone player into our lil posse, but not to our private team chat, we didn’t know him properly after all. Follow the leader and some horse rearing passed as communication and for about half an hour or so we were all happy going around taking on hideouts and just messing about… then the fucker shot us in the back – literally! We decided to let it slide for the first few times, give the benefit of the doubt and all that… then the lil bastard started with the throwing knives… so we booted his ass out of the posse and began turning him into swiss cheese… and eventually we had the opportunity to kick him out of the game altogether… the cheek!! A minor little tale and one we laughed about at the time, but still… lil prick!

The other recent example was far more aggressive, again one of the lads and I were in a party together, as we often do nowadays due to the idiots who love to blast inaudible music over the channels and make it impossible for everyone else to chat. We were kicking ass in COD Black Ops, it had just been released a few weeks before and we were getting to grips with the online side of it after cleaning off the single player. Then we both started getting abusive messages over xbox live off some cock-knocker on our own team telling us to get lost and go play with the amateurs… I had thought we were already, as this was basic FFA team death match. We of course ignored the first message and of course, it was followed by another and another. Initially it was funny but my temper soon began to flair at this cheeky and quite unskilled little bollox’s hypocritical persistence. I sent him a polite message reminding him of the code of conduct crap and if he didn’t fuck off that I was in a position to have his account ‘looked at’ by the powers that be (which is true btw). Of course he didn’t believe this and continued to message us even after we had left that game and gone into another lobby… I do believe that he has since learnt that I wasn’t full of shit, which is a reassuring thought.

Not a big deal perhaps but it did ruin the nights session because it was no longer about playing the game, it was about dealing with this arsehole instead. This kind of abusive carry-on and even intimidating type of behaviour goes on all the time. What if I had of been some poor shmuck that took it all to heart or if I was an impressionable kid (who was illegally playing an 18’s game – common, ya know it happens). This ‘cock with ears’ sending the abusive messages didn’t know or care who the hell we were. It’s not cool, just like any society we all have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable and kick the bullies in the cock… or whatever.

Recent news reports involving bulling, sexual abuse, suicide cases, murder attempts and actual murders that have been linked to online gaming and gamers in the past few years have taken the medium away from its childish and nerdy image into a dangerous and unhealthy one. Of course this has attracted the unwanted attention of the granny brigade and given them a cross to burn, with court cases and lawyers getting into the gaming arena, but it could be argued that this is because of the financial exploitation of what is now a multimillion dollar business as opposed to the moral fibre side of things. It’s also putting game content in general under the microscope with claims that gaming makes you more aggressive or even mentally disturbed, which of course is a crock of shit. Never the less, online assholes are gaining allot of attention for the wrong reasons and it all starts with the shit talk that us regular players have to put up with regularly.

I imagine every XBL, PSN or PC gamer has experienced this at one time or another, even the dick head that continually perpetrates such behaviour has met a bigger asshole than themselves at some point. Admittedly it can sometimes be fun just to listen in on two or more douches tearing shreds off each other and that’s fine, I’m not really talking about consenting arguments, I’m talking about non-consensual bullying and intimidation. Quite a few of my gaming friends in the real world tell me they stay away from playing online altogether because of these unpleasant gamers, a few others I know would like to get into online stuff but have found it a very harsh environment to be a newbie in. There are even a few of my well seasoned veteran online gamer pals that have just gotten so jaded as a result of the typical abusive shits that they avoid playing online unless with known friends. It kinda makes me mad that a minority of egotistical, big mouthed abortions are getting the upper hand. I mean, c’mon people, give the new guys a break! It seems to me that if you find a player that is being nice to ya he is worth his weight in gold, or perhaps a perv

Without rules and penalties all this is unlikely to change, and ironically – nobody really wants that either, we all want the freedom to express ourselves but we also want to punish the shit heads for their behaviour… it’s a tricky one with only a ‘boot’ option being of any effect, but unless its handled by an admin figure, it too will be misused.
Sony and Microsoft have attempted to tackle this issue by allowing you to submit complaints or report players. I personally like this method, at least it gives you some satisfaction to think that the ball-sack that was screaming down the voice chat or sending abusive messages has somehow gotten some comeuppance – but it doesn’t work all that great and hasn’t really deterred or decreased such carry on, in fact I think its increasing. The PC has no such regulation really, there is always the admins boot which is better than any complaint procedure, and strangely enough PC gamers tend to be far less abusive than their console cousins, even the kiddies. Personally I feel that the PC just attracts a more intelligent and technically minded individual, a better class of gamer if you will. That’s not to say that you don’t still get allot of pond scum but the PC gamers tend to police themselves and have a sort of code of conduct all of their own, something console players should learn from.

The big sociological questions are - What motivates this behaviour? Is it Immaturity? Social retardation? Anonymity? People with mental issues? Or is it simply a barometer for the good and bad of this generation, simply a side effect of meeting faceless people in a physically harm free environment, a place where law is limited and freedom is exploited. Race, sexual preference and gender are all big targets, in fact they are the most popular form of slur online, is it a reflection of what we think and feel in reality but are too constrained or embarrassed to admit on a daily basis? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude and when threatened I’m one of the first to unleash any and all abusive words at my disposal but never on an innocent and never unprovoked. Are most online gamers like me or are they mostly like the shit-bags mentioned here? I really do want to know…

Ok, so this is a bit of a ‘storm in a tea cup’ for most people. For a few it’s far more serious. Personally it just annoys the shit out of me and makes it hard to be proud of being a gamer, something my generation has always struggled with since we hit our twenties. It’s only in recent years that it was ok to admit that, as a grown man with bills to pay and mouths to feed, that you still love and play games, I just don’t want to see these asshole, bigmouthed, inconsiderate, online bastards drag us down! Plus I simply want to enjoy playing games without all the bullshit… don’t you?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grow a pair - Your a gamer!!

Lab Notes; Whores, Swine and Pinkos or Closet Gaming and Getting the Goodies. - by Doc R.

I live a rather sheltered life here in among the dungeons and catacombs of Reaper Towers, left alone by the Management to pursue my work and experiments as I see fit (as long as all chanting and Banshee wailing is finish by 10:30, as the Management needs its beauty sleep.) My raven, Colin, arrived this morning with the latest parchments and communications clasped in her beak, the usual stuff in the main, a bill from Warlocks Workshops informing me the balance on my account is now way over due, a letter from Minion Utilities offering Accidental Seepage Insurance should ones ghouls leak into the water supply, as well as a notes from the Management that all Ogres must be kept on a leash when walked in the grounds and all defecation's cleaned up immediately, bin bags have been provided at various dispensers around the site. All regular post I agree Dear Reader, until I cast my one good eye across the news that Blizzard Entertainment had done a “u-turn” on its

Real ID scheme.
For those not in the know, Blizzard had proposed that all forum posts for both World of Warcraft and the forth coming Starcraft 2 would to be posted using peoples real names. Oh the horror! Who knew such evil in the world could exist? However, this did concern a lot of people, so much so that within 24 hours of the announcement over 1000 comments, most of which of the negative persuasion, had appeared on the Blizzard forums condemning the move and a number of users threatening to leave the game(s) altogether. Blizzards rationale for the introduction of Real ID was that it would cut down on the amount of “Trolling and Flaming” that takes place on the discussion boards, to wit, destroying the anonymity of these whores and swine. This would of course work the other way around to, many feeling that such a process would lead to the choking of free speech, leaving many users feeling uncomfortable when posting comments fearing retribution.

Blizzard, to their credit, would later put customers minds at rest however;

We've been constantly monitoring the feedback you've given us, as well as internally discussing your concerns about the use of real names on our forums… As a result of those discussions, we've decided at this time that real names will not be needed for posting on official Blizzard forums.

So spoke Mike Mourhaime, Blizzard’s chief exec. Indeed how nice it is to see such a massive multinational company listening to its customer base. Thus they must be congratulated for listening to the genuine concerns of whining, whinging, girly, Pinkos. For Dear Reader, I believe that there is a grander issue here; that being that we, the fine upstanding Gamers of this world are still considered to be strange little people who live on the fringe of the norm. Why do I say this?

Let me begin here, for many years now I have enjoyed MMORPG’s and I’m not afraid to say it, as I know that even within our own kind there are some of you that still raise an eyebrow and cast the Ol’ Skunk-Eye at anyone who does so. Oh you might not admit it, but somewhere inside you (even those who play them) you see this as a step to far onto a path which will only lead to you becoming a news article or part of a psychological study sighting the fact that you ended up playing said game for 22 hours a day and needing to be cut out of your house like a guest on Jerry Springer. I can understand it, I can, its like the really odd magazines that they keep under the counter in Sex Shops (you know the ones, Whales Weekly or Gobbel My Rutherford ) or voting Tory, you might do it, you just don’t want anyone to know.

The point to this? The change in Gaming I have seen over the decades of worshiping at the alter of the Joystick or Gamepad if your of the younger variety, I remember a better time, (cue Jerusalem on CD Player) a time before HMV, a time before Game, a time before Gamestation, when you went on a pilgrimage to your small local independent shop, where you would be greeted by the local priest of this small temple, 19 stone of beauty and radiance, clad in the holy vestments of a Guns N’ Roses T-Shirt and Jeans, the intoxicating smell of damp and marijuana and the huge game boxes, nay, sacred tomes of this chapel. All gone now, all gone. If you have only known clean, spacious, well lit stores where the assistants know nothing of the world in which you inhabit, then I feel for you Dear Reader, it was a better time, a simpler time…

Alas, it is not only the vendors who have changed, if it where so we could have survived as we had done for many a long and happy year, no the Gamers changed. I hear your cries even now, “Move with the times” and “The industry has changed, there is more money now, more investment, better R&D, which means better games!” all of this is true, but something has been lost. This is self evident when looking at Real ID and forum posts on gaming forums, such as WoW and many many others. Threads such as “Do you tell people you play WoW” or comments made on chat channels such as “I’m not going to game when I get married/have kids/become a Lama Farmer/etc” only go to show that no matter how acceptable you think your gaming life is, it still isn’t. Unless of course you and a number of others are shit faced and jumping about the room like a retarded chimp in front of a tiny white Japanese box of course, thats perfectly normal. Now my beloved Microsoft and Sony are even getting in on the act. Lord help us.

So, remember this, the argument about Real ID has never been about privacy, civil liberties or anything more than gaming shame. Its always been about people being worried that if anyone ever found out that in the quiet of the evening they sit and enter the Nernosphere, they might not get laid. Say it loud and say it proud, I am a Gamer.

- Doc R

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Should you buy - Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim?

Time to get serious, who deserves your hard earned dosh tucked into their underpants, Microsoft or Sony? So, let’s look at the pros and cons of what’s on offer and then I‘ll do my best to give you a personal judgement, it will be like an episode of Americas next top Hooker…

The Sony PS3, one fat momma when released but it has been to the gym and lost its big ass, hello sexy ‘Slim’! Its due for al pig out with a 250GB hard drive but it has mostly stayed the same as before from a functional perspective. It has lost the ability of backwards compatibility in disc format but will still support older games in the form of DLC, this may piss off fan boys with a PS2 library but to the general public it is pretty irrelevant. It has a Blue Ray player of reasonably good quality, internet browsing ability which is useful if you don’t have a PC, tissues sold separately. There is the broad Play Station Nation access for some tasty DLC movies and retro/arcade/PS2 games.
There is also the free avatar and multiplayer access and a ‘second life’ style game lobby environment called ‘Home’, this allows you to dress up like a trekkie and make a fool out of yourself with other PS3 players from around the world and jump into multiplayer sessions for fun filled gaming orgies.

The game achievement system comes in the form of medals and trophies that can be shown off for bragging rights if you are so inclined but the actual catalogue of games has been considered limp to date with some hope on the horizon in the form of ‘God of War 3’ and ‘Uncharted 2’ among a handful of other promising looking exclusive titles. The PS3 slim is a very quiet machine and looks pleasant enough on a shelf, it has all the expected connections needed including HDMI and can take advantage of a full HD setup while having WiFi in built also. The controllers are much the same as ever but lack rumble ability as standard in favour of a ‘six access’ motion system which is pretty useless. Overall the PS3 Slim is an impressive bang for your buck and needing little in the way of extra bits and pieces in order to enjoy a powerful media experience. This baby is ready to tickle you danglers when it comes out of the box!

Then we have Microsoft’s older but still firm around the buttocks Xbox 360. Depending on what system package you decide on the value for money can be greatly debated so let’s just presume that there is only one hot piece of pleasure available - the Elite model. We’ll leave the sloppy old ‘Arcade’ and other mix n’ match versions to the history books and bargain bins. The Elite is also rumoured to have gone to the Gym but we have to wait and see how true this is. However the hard drive is beefing up to 250 GB, what a coincidence! This hard drive is detachable meaning it is easily upgradeable and can be handy when going to a friends place for a drinking/gaming night. It has limited backward compatibility, most are now DLC but again this is not a sticking point for most players, once Halo 2 remains a feature it will keep the hard core fan boys happy.
The X Box Live Network or 'NXE', as it is called, has a free membership called ‘Silver’ which is about as useful as a retard at a Mensa meeting. The only real option is the yearly subscription which is a reasonable enough price. This makes you a ‘Gold’ member with full privileges. These joys are numerous and the whole system is a solid setup. You have access to Arcade, Retro and independently made games most of which are of a high standard along with some original Xbox titles. Avatar and profile customisations are there along with an excellent achievement system that basically keeps a score of your gaming brilliance. This you can wave in front of lesser mortals or be as embarrassed as a man that chooses cubicles instead of urinals.
There is no Blu Ray of course but the recent announcement that the 360 is getting Sky TV in Europe and the already installed Netflix in the U.S. makes this smack a little easier to bare. Xbox does lack internet browsing ability so no tissues needed but is to receive ‘Face Book’ accessability in the next update so you can stalk unsuspecting strangers and play game - neat! It all sounds great you say but here’s the rub: all DLC comes at a cost and it is often well pricy meaning you have to be smart about what you choose to buy or you could loose all your beer money tucking it into Microsoft’s tights.

Wireless access for the Xbox is extra and requires a Microsoft only device, HDMI is standard and full HD is on offer. The controllers are well designed and work great for FPS titles. It comes with a good headset for online communication which is a major part of the 360’s online appeal and it will vibrate your hands with rumble ability as standard. Where the 360 has really made its presence felt is with the games available for it. Many exclusives like the Halo series, Gears of War series and several other big hitters have kept gamers wetting themselves with glee for a few years now and with some franchises stolen from its competitors like GTA4 and Pro Evo Soccer it seems that there are few games that the Xbox 360 does not have on its list. Add to this the excellent DLC add-on’s for existing games and some sexy arcade games, it is difficult to be lost for something to keep those thumbs tapping.

So which is best for games? The short answer is the under rated PC but that’s another topic entirely! Personally, I would have to say the Xbox 360 gets the juices flowing, it’s not about brand loyalty, so calm down fan boys! Although price and cost do enter the equation they are really not a deciding factor for full time gamers because chances are they will have a console ménage a trios regardless. But for those who are in virgin territory here are my key factors that give Microsoft its big balls:

1. Its Online Multiplayer setup is superior to Sony’s because of its general structure. It is easier to use on the Xbox and is a vital part of the online experience. Unfortunately, in true Sony style they have ignored what their customers wanted at launch and were slow to release head sets, combined with limited options in the voice chat setup making this whole ‘abuse other players while shooting them in the head’ system psychologically and pragmatically unsatisfying to this day. In Sony’s favour the service is free but would you eat stale food just because it cost you nothing?

2. Microsoft’s Achievements system set the bar for ‘dick measuring’ among gamers. Some like this feature while others don’t. Either way there is no denying the fact that Sony thought it important enough to imitate, unfortunately the PS3’s ‘trophy’ structure was playing catch up with the Xbox while also doing a piss poor job of it – pity! Love it or hate it, these small accolades of gaming prowess are here to stay and a massively popular and decisive feature for many gamers.

3. Microsoft has a very strong DLC library of fresh games. Titles like ‘Shadow Complex’ and ‘Splosion Man’ are part of a rich collection of arcade style titles that seem set to continue into the future and is something the PS3 seems to have little of. There are a few worth feeling up but the comparison leaves the PSN looking like a bad boob job. Add to this retro titles and more importantly the availability of new game add-ons like ‘Broken Steel’ for Fallout 3 and you soon see a trend that leaves the PS3 consistently feeling limp. This looks set to continue for the foreseeable future which is a shame.

4. What about Blu Ray I hear you scream…? Well, streaming movies and TV in HD are cheaper than buying a Blu Ray title and some argue that digital download is the way of the future with discs in general becoming obsolete. Throw in Microsoft’s new deal with Sky TV (Europe) and/or Netflix (USA), the value of Movies on Disc starts to lose its appeal. So the gap is narrowing. Plus many people seem to forget that Blu ray players can be bought separately. Internet and Face Book are “nice to haves” but who really gives a toss?! Chances are gamers are already well acquainted with both, unless you’re just back from Mars…?!

5. Lastly but most importantly are the games. Microsoft has enjoyed a large range of exclusive titles that are of a high gaming standard. The PS3 has had a few big swingers but most titles disappoint like a ten second peep show - could have been fun but just wasn’t enough. The Xbox has a stronger title crossover with the PC which has been vital in luring hard core types to console gaming while Sony has relied mostly on older PS2 sequels and a few rip offs of popular PC and Xbox games, only breaking that cycle with the inventive ‘Little big planet’. Sadly it just isn’t enough to make up for its weak range of quality exclusive games. Sony has obviously seen this for itself, albeit a bit late in the day and do have a good range of button bashers on the way but until we see just how unique they are it is hard to say if this will help them catch up on lost time and you can be sure that Microsoft will try to out match the PS3 every step of the way. Future offerings of ‘Project Natal’ from Microsoft and the ‘Magic Wand’ in the Sony camp show how they both are groping to suck Nintendo’s teat while trying to outdo each other at the same time. This could make thing interesting or it could just turn out to be a fad, I bet on the latter to be honest. Either way, the success of one over the other will be determined by the games available at the time.

In a nutshell Microsoft listens to their customer base and aim to please, just like a warm oily massage, and why not, it’s good business! Sony gives its Japanese customers a good old time and massages their needs, while leaving the rest of the world swinging in the breeze. They don’t hear what their loyal fans are crying out for… their strategy and marketing execs should get a good kick in the bollocks for their lack of vision to date and their like it or lump it attitude which has led to a botched golden opportunity. Gamers deserve better and if they’re not getting the goodies in one port they will get their thrills in a better one… simple logic really.
I have all consoles on the market, always have in the past and I am glad there is competition between the brands. Yes even with the dirty lil Wii!
Out of the two pleasure inducing, money taking, mind lubricating, finger rubbing sexy beasts I must pick the Xbox 360 for the reasons mentioned, the bare balls of it is… it’s just more fun… And isn’t that what it’s all about?

This boys and girls is the bottom line, please feel free to disagree.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Theres no 'Gay' in 'Gaming'....

Aw, geez... here we go...

There are reports lately of doing a campaign on the Gay's being targeted in gaming... boo, hoo! Don't get me wrong, I believe that everyone has the right to be and do whatever the hell they want to do, even if it does involve latex and a plunger. If their not hurting anyone else then... go for it!!

That said, I'm also sick of hearing about 'Gay' topics in gaming. Truth is that the Gay community has a habit of hijacking topics and events that have nothing to do with their ideology. The St. Patricks Day parade in New York is one example and there are several others to match it. Gaming has nothing to do with race, creed, sexuality or lifestyle so why try make it a target?? Publicity for a Gay crusade is the reason I recon. Games are now more popular than ever so it makes a great target, well I say enough!! There is no Gay in Gaming...

We still live in a free society, or at least the illusion of one (that's a different debatable topic), and as long as I have a mouth I shall use it to form whatever words I like, and if 'That's so Gay...' happens to be one of the phrases I like to use... then tough! Anyone who plays games online knows to expect every type of absurd slur and character assassination on the fashionable list of insults... regardless of truth or judgement. If I took all the abuse that I receive on Xbox live seriously I'd be a dribbling insecure wreck... Get over it! Don't like it, stand up for yourself and fight back, or leave the game... whatever!

Things have gotten too PC, soon it will be offensive to refer to a person as 'Straight' because that indicates that anything else in imperfect... as in 'Bent'!! What about racial slurs are they not as important? I say to the Gay - Relax and have a sense of humour, after all their just games!! Then hang a 'Ballad of Gay Tony' poster on your wall and be happy with it!

On a side note, I recon the quotes they picked to highlight this issue are generally quite true... (a stereotype becomes what is is because it is grounded in truth) the whole thing is hilarious!! Check it out... The Gay Campaign.

Feel free to disagree... it is your right!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Star Wars - TFU - Ultimate Sith Edition. Rip Off?

Why do game companies so often treat their loyal fan base like used whores? Sound it a bit extreme… I suppose it is, but now that I have your attention I shall explain myself a bit better…

Star Wars – The force unleashed is getting two more brilliant looking levels (Hot Tatooine and cold Hoth) to add to the latest one (Jedi Temple). This is fab news of course, I am personally salivating at the idea of handing over my hard earned cash for these tasty morsels of lightsaber action and delighted to see that the game was getting good DLC support at all, even if it is nearly a year later… At least I was, until I found out that one of the two levels would only be available on disc… yes that’s right, the ‘Tatooine’ level will be available for download, at a hefty price I imagine… but the ‘Hoth’ level shall only come with, wait for it, the new full version of the game called the ‘Ultimate Sith Edition’.

Now, if you have never played TFU before, this is indeed a fantastic package and perhaps if you have played the game but have still to get any of the DLC available then it is bitter – sweet, but if you have the game and have the current DLC then you have every right to be pissed that you are being forced into buying a game you already own just for one level, even if it will be kick ass… So do I not buy the ‘Tatooine’ level when it comes out on DLC… do I try to trade in my old TFU for a new TFU-USE… and do I get my money back for all the DLC I have already gotten????

Why can’t they just release the ‘Hoth’ level as a DLC as well as in the Ultimate Sith edition… that way everyone is a winner. Is it just me or do you think Lucas arts are forcing our hand (no pun intended) to buy a new copy of TFU (sith edition)? Are they acting like complete Fat, Greedy, Jabbas?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nintendo Wii Motion Plus - Grrr!

Ok, here we go... Who thinks that big company's get away with too much bullshit these days?? Like Nintendo releasing a lil widget to make their controllers 'more accurate'. Why wasn't it accurate in the first place??? I'ts like releasing a PS3 or Xbox controller that's missing a thumb stick and buttons that you will have to buy later, just so it can work properly... OK so that's a bit extreme, but you get my idea.
The iPhone did something similar, release a phone with no video or MMS ability then a year later make a big deal out of it cos the new iPhone now has video and MMS and a few other things that are mostly standard in nearly all decent mobile phones these days. BIG DEAL!! Talk about re inventing the wheel!!
I understand they have to innovate and make money and all that, but don't treat your customers like slack jawed inbreds! Then again... if you fall for it and rush out to buy it drooling enthusiastically... I guess you just proved the big boys were right... get out the dumb stick, its going to be busy!